Thursday, November 20, 2008

Democrats Demand...?!

I just saw a headline about the Democrats demanding the Big 3 automakers come up with another plan by December 2. Boy, aren't they being tough. NO! They're being wimps again! They should show their leadership now and present a plan. The best one I've heard was given by an economist on Thom Hartmann's show. He said the government should buy controlling interest in GM's worthless stock and give it to the employees. There's a plan, one I would vote for.

Dammit, are Pelosi and Reid going to continue controlling things? I don't like either one of them. If we are going to have a new administration, the legislature needs new leadership, too.

I'm not giddy about Obama, as some are, but I am relieved. However, now that Washington is preparing for the second coming of the Clinton Doctrine, I'm already getting worried, as well. When Clinton was elected, we partied as the Obama people are partying now.

Our chosen savior continued the policies begun under Reagan and carried on by George I. After pointing out in the Presidential debates that Reagan and George I gave tax breaks and subsidies to companies who closed domestic plants to open new factories overseas, Bill did little to change the flow of jobs to other countries. He didn't make ridiculous proclamations such as announcing ketchup packets to be servings of vegetables, but then big Willy let his little willy lead him around and was embarrassing, in his own inimitable fashion.

When the GOP said they were going to shrink government, they were referring only to the departments which did the planet and people good. When the reduce welfare movement started, corporations were already getting more hand outs than citizens were, but that didn't stop them from crowing about putting single mothers back to work. This was another GOP tradition continued by our hero, Bill Clinton, whose victory we had cheered enthusiastically.

Anyone who remembers Janet Reno and Madeline Albright, knows it wasn't all sweetness and light under Clinton. Albright now admits her wording was clumsy when stating the deaths of half a million Iraqi children was a price worth paying to achieve their goals in the oil lands. Her wording was clumsy? The embargo they enforced left innocent civilians without proper medical equipment and medicines. It kept people from having clean water, and rebuilding the damage from the first Gulf War. George II and his neocon cronies have now killed more in Iraq than Clinton did, more than Clinton did there and in Yugoslavia combined. That's a hell of a stat to be comparing.

The people who ordered the bombing of civilian targets (i.e. "propaganda outlets" such as television and radio stations), during Clinton's time are lining up for positions in Obama's term. Even Albright is on the list. Others include hawks that supported every lie told to get the Iraq war rolling. I can neither pronounce nor spell the name of the secretary under Carter, who bragged that the U.S. had tricked Russia into invading Afghanistan, which would be THEIR Vietnam. He's another good Democrat from yester year.

There's always hope, and I have some. I'm just not overflowing with it, because it seems I remember seeing this movie before. If there is to be change, we are going to have to fight for it every step of the way. The rich and powerful do not wish to share their wealth and power. They will continue to pay any price, including human lives, to increase their status. Believe it or not, they exert their influence on Democrats as well as Republicans.

If domestic programs continue to be cut, while our bloated military continues to spend more than the rest of the world's military combined, you will know the sell out has begun. If an acceptable universal health care program is initiated, while the pentagon gets a budget cut, change will have actually begun. Justice for all must become a reality. Without it, there can be no peace, snd peace is what I hope for.

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