Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kitchenpoet to Prowl Again Soon

Maybe after another nap...
An angel protects Mikey, who is a member of the noise band Knot Knocked Up. Sooner or later, there will be photos of that group in action, right here on the stove.
One of the world's most beautiful women was bedazzling on this particular night.
A favorite thing is to photograph other photographers.
Often, people ask to be photographed. Some demand to be photographed. It puzzles me how many ask to be photographed, but never mention seeing the result. It is enough to be photographed. Some ask to be photographed and then strike a dramatic pose.
Kitchenpoet recently had another birthday. It was enough to make the old fart feel even older than usual. He groaned and complained about being old and in the way. Then, the glitches attacked, and he felt everything he touched turned to shit and vowed not to hug anyone he liked. He spent some time looking for assholes to shake hands with. That phase seems to be ending, and kitchenpoet will be hitting the streets again, soon, because he is craving new sights and sounds.

1 comment:

  1. Charles, my dearest, if you won't tell those you like when your birthday is, we can hardly call you and cheer you up!

    Miss you lots, and you're not old! You're tempered.

    <3 - Z