Saturday, November 1, 2008

Putting on the Ritz for Halloween

The Ritz is one of Missoula's grand old buildings, and home to several businesses, including the Badlander, the Palace, the Golden Rose and the Savoy. The guys on the doors want to see those wrist bands.

Themes bounced back through town, going from Minneapolis to Portland this time. They've made the trip many times, but hope to reduce travel time by moving to Portland. Tonight, they opened festivities in the Palace.

Olivia crept in for a shot of Themes, while another photographer faced the stage. Both may be seen in the previous post, regarding Black Velvet Elvis.

In the streets, I find a scary clown and a woman with multi-colored eyes.

My friends, Ruthie and Kyle, are also there.

Adelaide, from Ceretano's Studio is a member of Rooster Sauce, along with the Count.
The Count has a flair for the dramatic, which sometimes detracts from the music. This night, I thought the pitch was a tough one, to cover Ween for Halloween. Rooster Sauce knocked it out of the park with a dead-on blast. In fact, this was one time when Reverend Slanky got upstaged by the downstairs.

A triumph!

Reverend Slanky wound up the celebration in the Badlander.
I don't remember seeing a woman sing with the group until now.

Some folks showed up in both the Badlander and the Palace, while others picked their level and settled in. V darted around some, while Mary and Joseph held their spots in front of the Badlander stage.

I made my way home about 2am and downloaded 320 photos. Almost half of those may be found in the flickr archive.

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