Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween in the Zoo City, part 1

I was not the only Uncle Sam. There were at least four others in the Ritz Building, up and down, in the Palace and the Badlander. Two were obvious counterfeits, but this guy seemed to be the real deal.

Black Velvet Elvis said this was their last performance. Joe was already gone, Tony was planning his move to the east, and Olivia finally admitted she's moving to Portland. I know bands leave Missoula for bigger scenes all the time, and I still say, if all those bands had stayed here, this would be THE SCENE. BVE combined a ton of talent into a driving trio, one of my favorite groups on the scene. I saw them first on the eve of Valentine's Day, at the Loft, and twice at the Other Side, during the PBR Performance Series, last spring. I've tried to see them every time I could since then.

Olivia gave parting gifts to her loyal fans, including these panties with the phrase, "Shut Up and Fuck," in fancy script. I scored a t-shirt and felt very lucky to have a souvenir. Check the flickr archive for more images of this performance and the audience here.

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