Thursday, November 27, 2008

Yes, Again...iNHUMANS, part deux

I was surprised to learn some regular readers did not know how to reach the flickr archive. There's a link to the right, first item under Photographers and Photography. One goal in my photography is to capture that you-are-there feeling. The best way to do that here is go to the flickr archive and hit the slideshow button. Go to flickr.

Note: Flickr always presents uploaded images in reverse order. Kyle being carried around the room was near last song time.

Note: Navigate down the right-hand column of sets on flickr, until you find a favorite band and slide show that set. For example, this post is matched to the set titled "Yes! They Are...iNHUMANS." 70 more photos of this performance are there.

Question: Can anyone tell me how to establish a link on flickr to bring viewers to the blog?


  1. You can add links in the description field of any photo. Make a promotional photo a set of its own and add the html code as the description. Here's the html syntax:

    Text to be displayed

    Make sense?

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  3. Sorry the syntax can be found here: