Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day of the Dead

Halloween and Day of the Dead are big holidays in the Zoo City. Halloween knocked me out, and I missed shooting Saturday night, as I was in recovery mode. Old and slow is part of my profile, and I may need to add "sometimes can't go." I was ready to roll for Day of the Dead, on Sunday, and to prove it here's a quick recap. As always there are more images on the flickr archive here.

The rain did not keep hardy citizens from crowding Higgins for the fun, as the parade marched down to Caras Park. I liked the colored reflections, but worried about the camera getting wet.

There were skeletons and ghostly apparitions,

peace groups,
jugglers and fire dancers,

Was that Gabriel blowing his horn? No, just another old Zoo Town native sounding off for the event. I started the afternoon walking across Higgins Bridge to shoot the mandala. After visiting Butterfly, walking to the depot and following the parade back down the street, the people covering the mandala were my last shots, before I walked over the river and headed home.

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