Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jazz Martini NIght

More than once, I have heard people complain there is no jazz in Missoula. Live jazz is not as common in Zootown as other genres of music, but can be found with careful attention to the weekly Independent and the Missoula events website. Sunday evenings, jazz fills the Badlander, during Jazz Martini Night.

Any fan would love the jazzy sounds this combo produced, last Sunday. The wailing sax pulled me right in, and I immediately recognized the keyboard player from Reverend Slanky and the bass player, last seen with the M-Group on a Wasted Wednesday.

I'm thinking I should do a round up of venues featuring jazz, list as many jazz groups as possible, and maybe even learn the players' names. That thought resonates, as I head out the door.

1 comment:

  1. he man, this quartet is sam white and bryan bakeovich from slanky, jeff "rex" frances from def cartel, and mike freemo

    keep rocking all those bitchin shots -chris entz rev slanky