Monday, August 24, 2009

3rd Thursday = Artini and More

MAM celebrated the 4th aniversary of the monthly Artini event, on Thursday, August 20. Butter provided the music accompaniment, and their position under the stairs was somewhat cramped. At first, the group seemed intimidated by the museum, as if it were a church. Once they relaxed, they flexed their creative wings and filled the place with excellent, strong harmonies.

There is a unique talent playing the cello, and that instrument adds a dimension to the sound, many bands just can't match.

And here are the excellent harmonizers.

Artini happens on the third Thursday of every month. It's a relaxed, and yet so cultured event, with snacks, gallery talks, music and a bar. Also it is early enough in the evening to allow further adventures in zootown, if there is anything stirring later. On this night, Total Fest began to buzz the Badlander and Palace, but the price was a little steep for a poor artist, and I looked for an alternative.

Andrea Harsell pours her heart into everything she sings. Thursday, she gave a rollicking performance, at the Top Hat. Once more, her band included Joe Nickell, of the Missioulian, on drums, and Schmed, of Secret Powers, on the keyboard, in addition to ever loyal and ready to play anytime anywhere Louis Bond.

Andrea has a new CD coming soon, titled Rock and Roll Love Child. She romped through some of the new material for enthusiastic fans on this evening.

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