Monday, August 31, 2009

Brooks and Browns Open Mike

Louis Bond (L) and Teri Llovet accompany Mike Hurd, the first on the list for open mike on the patio back of the Holiday Inn. Teri is the organizer of this event, and Louis is not only one of the best sound men around, but the best back up man in Zootown. He's been there and played that.

Almost everyone knew everyone else, and the musical combinations were many and varied. It was easy, comfortable and light-hearted, with intense bursts of saxaphone and harmonica for punctuation.

Near the end, a wild card came up. Todd and Jesse sat listening on the lawn for some time before asking if they might be included. Of course. That's what open mike is about, and one of the reasons Teri does them. He played the banjo, she played the saw, and it was a fitting cap for the evening.

This is a weekly event on Tuesdays. This particular evening was on August 25.

Teri Llovet will be filling her usual spot on bass with the Full Moon Prophets at the Top Hat, this Saturday, September 5.

As usual, there are more images from this evening on the flickr archive. There are also previous sets of Tom and the Tomatoes, as well as Full Moon Prophets.

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