Saturday, August 1, 2009

Reverend Slanky @Palace & Downtown

Reverend Slanky performed in Caras Park for Downtown Tonight, on Thursday, July 30, after blowing the doors off the Palace, the previous Saturday.

Here's Chuck Lester joining the merrymaking on stage, at the Palace.

The reverend's loyal co-ed fan base always turns up at these events.

A wedding party arrives, and the bride negotiates some mike time.

Reverend Slanky will need to retool, as the trombone player and drummer depart the area, after these two performances. The metronome below has been the heart of Slanky's rhythmic weavings for a long time.

Perhaps the largest crowd of the season turned out for Reverend Slanky, when they played Downtown Tonight. There are four weeks remaining of this excellent program.

The sun is wicked at this time of evening. Come out for the event, but protect your eyes and skin.

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