Thursday, May 22, 2008

Amending the Constitution

It is time to amend the constitution. The word people, as in a government of, by and for the people, must be changed to corporations, in order to be correct. Since corporations were given human rights, as if they were human, they have gained more power than real people. Now they are having their way in our country and around the world. It is important to remember they only exist for the purpose of making profits.

"They hate us for our freedom." What a vacuous lie that was. They hate us, because we have been meddling in their countries for decades, telling them how to live, telling them they must be like us and telling them they must let our corporations exploit their natural resources for profit no matter what the cost to the native land and people.

My Oxford English Dictionary defines democracy as "a form of government in which the people have a voice in the exercise of power." By that definition, democracy is on life support in this country. Corporations speak loudly, but the voice of the common people is ignored. Democracy is a brand name, a marketing tool, and nothing more. For example, look how we brought democracy to Iraq.

Another example would be the way our government demanded democratic elections among the Palestinians, but when the Palestinians voted Hamas into power, every type of pressure was exerted to overturn those results.

When it looked as if a military coup had toppled the democratically elected government of Venezuela, our president declared it a great day for democracy. What?!

Since our government is now recycling their why-we-must-invade-Iraq propaganda with only one letter changed, let's look at Iran. Occasionally, one still hears about how those nasty terrorist types seized power from our ally, the Shah of Iran, but one never hears how we put the Shah in power first. Also, it is never mentioned how the Shah may have killed as many of his countrymen as Saddam did. It seems dictators must be replaced only when there is money to be made.

What would a smart person have done, when the invasion of Iraq was imminent? He would have bought stock in Halliburton. Wait...maybe, that's what a greedy person would have done.

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