Sunday, May 25, 2008

Last night, I danced, for the first time since leaving the city of angels, 10 years ago. A beautiful young woman enticed me to the dance floor, and I probably made a fool of myself, but it felt good. At first, my feet wouldn't cooperate, and then I thought my heart couldn't take it, but my old heart lightened up with the exercise.

So I danced, as Zeppo played.

"Zeppo is up in here, y'all."

While the music usually starts at 10 or 10:30pm, at most venues, at the Union Club, it starts soon after 9. Thus, I was able to start my evening with old favorites, before walking to the Badlander to check that scene. There the schedule had changed. I arrived at 10, expecting Wolf Redboy to open, followed by Good Neighbor Policy, before the Heavenly States, from Oakland, California, capped the evening. That schedule was blown up by some GNP members who left town.

Wartime opened, followed by Rainbow, the most unique one-man show I've ever seen. Rainbow wasn't everyone's cup of tea, but it took guts to perform that randy romp through the audience, accompanied by digitalized sights and sounds. Then Heavenly States took the stage, and Wolf Redboy batted clean-up.

Heavenly States performed their own material, and the lead singer captivated the audience with friendly banter, although one spectator requested a song by the Allman Brothers. He was handled with cheerful diplomacy. The band had three CDs for sale, in addition to T-shirts.

I consider fiddle players are a strong selling point for rock groups. This one switched back and forth on two keyboards and the fiddle. The lead singer, Ted Nesseth, gets the writing credit for the original material, and I give bonus points for originality. I'm glad Heavenly States could stop by for a visit, before heading west to Sasquatch. And thanks to the Badlander for bringing them to town.

Back at the Union Club, the dance floor had filled up, and I was invited to join the throng.

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