Monday, May 5, 2008

A Full Saturday: Brew Fest and More

OK, I am stumped. I could have sworn it was "Brew." Where does an "I" enter into it? Hundreds of people couldn't care less how brew is spelled as long as they can drink it. The beer flowed freely, local bands played and, perhaps, spring finally arrived, Saturday, May 3.

Bob Wire kicked off the music at noon. No, that is not his real name. His real name is a state secret and only he can reveal it.

If he won't tell you his real name, he will sell you his latest CD, when he performs at the Union Club on Friday, May 16.

I think White Trash Paradise is still my favorite song of his, but he has some other contenders.

Who else actually sings about losing clothes at the laundromat, instead of just bitching about it?

Zeppo has received a lot of attention on this blog, because they are one of my favorites, but this marks the first time in months they have appeared outside their monthly gig at the Union Club.
The large stage and ample sunlight allowed me to capture all the members of the band clearly. I want to show the guys in the back, whom I have been missing.

For more of everybody, see previous posts and browse the flickr archive. I can't move on to another topic without a an image of Ruthie. I overheard some jealous women discussing the ringlets in her hair.

Someone with a beard bigger than mine enjoyed the music.

Beer Fest wasn't the only game in town, as two of the three Saturday Markets opened. The Farmers Market, up by the Northern Pacific Depot, will open next Saturday. The People's Market opened with tons of local arts and crafts, and live music at the corner of Higgins and Pine, provided by this group, some of whom have been heard around town as Baba Ghanoush.

Junior Brown came to town, to play the Wilma, but his concert was moved to the Top Hat, which was packed. Junior had to invent his own guitar to get the sound he wanted. I have to admire determination like that. His promo shot for this appearance must have been taken a long time ago. Here's how he looked at the Top Hat.

Saturday was the third and final day of the Friend, Friend, Friend Fest at the Badlander, and I covered that in yesterday's post, with images of the hermans.

Corn Mash played the Union Club and experienced multiple sound problems early on, as well as missing their bass player for the first set. Ching says perseverance furthers, and Corn Mash perseveres.

It was a full Saturday, indeed. I'm tempted to say a good time was had by all, but the final photo of the day says otherwise.

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