Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Walking around Missoula

If you don't find this amusing, perhaps, you didn't do the math. Obviously a city bureaucrat came up with this.
I like the food in this place, but I miss the Circle of Friends, who played music here on Sunday afternoons through the winter. They are taking a break for the summer.

Whatever that thing is, it has the proverbial big brass ones.
If you live in Missoula and haven't checked out MAM, you're missing a lot. Even the architecture is art. Museums are among my favorite things, and I visit them everywhere I go. This one is cutting edge with its style, approach and exhibits. Their website is here.

Yes, we're on the hip strip, south of Higgins Bridge, where this eye-catching batch of cows can be seen, while window shopping.

We're still on the strip, but the pigs have flown away.

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