Thursday, May 1, 2008

PBR flashback--the first of several, probably

One positive aspect of the Other Side is their lighting. Photography is all about the light, and some photographers work very hard to get it right. During the PBR Performance Series, I began to play with it, because I'm too lazy to work. I had been shooting the bands, with great diligence, trying to get full group shots and each member individually, as well. The lighting made that easier here than in some venues. Then I turned my focus on the crowd and colored lights, and photojournalism took a fine art turn.

Good Neighbor Policy is a band I like, and I feel they have not had their due on this blog. Here are a few more images to make up for that, and there are more in the archive, with more coming soon.

One of the local papers (I can't tell them apart) said GNP was possibly the best band in Missoula.
I don't want to argue the point, since they are damned good and definitely one of the best bands in Missoula, but the local scene is exploding with talent and originality, making best a difficult label to hand out.

Reverend Slanky won the PBR championship to claim the title of best band. Again, I will say damned good and one of the best, but...

Here they celebrate their victory.

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