Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My head's numb, and my ears are still ringing

Note to self: when the music is advertised as metal, remember to take ear plugs. I first made that note to myself, during the PBR Performance Series, but I forgot. Thus, I wound up at the Badlander unprepared for a metal program, which almost blew my head off. That was five days ago, and my right ear still isn't functioning properly.

The only thing I'm complaining about, however, is the lack of earplugs, because I loved the show. Metal, like every other type of music, is finding its own ground in Missoula and cannot be judged by metal anywhere else. The energy of this show was as high as the volume. It also appears metal fans have a bond of fellowship, due to their common interest, that surpasses that of most music fans. A close-knit, dedicated group banged heads and cheered the bands.

First up, was H is for Hellgate. H could also be for Henkensiefken, but it is easier to call her Jamie. The band name contains the clue of her origin right here in the zoo city, but she now resides in Portland, Oregon, and brought her band here for this performance.

The event was billed as a CD release party for Bridgebuilder, who took the stage next. David Johnson's vigorous guitar playing led this dynamic trio through a loud and lively set.

Mahamawaldi capped the evening, and the faithful were rewarded with a forceful production, unique in many ways. Is there a faster player in the world than this man?

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