Sunday, May 4, 2008

Getting friendly with Dead Hipsters at the Badlander

Good Neighbor Policy proved they are more than just a rock band with a cello, as they played during the Friend x 3 Fest at the Badlander, without the cello, delivering a crisp set. Thomas Pendarvis showed his usual dashing style up front.

The only disappointment was the lack of listeners. Dead Hipster put together 24 bands, at the Badlander, for three nights of diverse, lively sounds and few showed to enjoy it. Local favorites alternated with bands from around the country in an event dedicated to friendship. What more could anyone want?

Here's Cale, playing with Apples of Discord, on Thursday.
And below, he plays with the hermans, on Saturday.

Does anybody call this fellow anything other than "the count?" And can he be mentioned without adding that he played with the International Playboys? I don't know the answer to the first, but the latter is answered with a no. For some reason the IP are stuck in the consciousness of local music fans. Given enough time, the hermans will overshadow IP and become a legend on their own.

Amanda was looking very stylish with a hat, as she played bass with Wolf Redboy on Friday of the Friends Fest. I suspect the highlight for her, however, came on the first night, when she was delighted to have her picture taken with the Oscar-winning song writers from the movie Once. They had performed as the Swell Season earlier in the evening, at the Wilma.

Glen Hansard, on the left, had some knowledge of cameras and an interest in photography. He had noticed my shooting without a flash earlier in the evening and asked what kind of results I was after.

I used the flash, bouncing it off the ceiling for this of him, his partner and Amanda.

A quick summary: three days of exciting music and few to appreciate it. My advice: quit watching American Idol. Get out and see some live and local music.

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