Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rainy afternoon musings

Seems as though this blog is alternating between political rants and local music coverage. That will have to be all right, because I like music and I rant occasionally. My friends know I can be an obnoxious asshole, but you may need this warning.

The repairs to my car, evidently, are not done yet, as I have received no call from the repair shop. I will call them tomorrow, and, if my car is not ready, I suspect someone else will learn how disagreeable I can get.

The flickr archive linked to this blog has almost 400 photos in it, and they are somewhat jumbled. A quick look showed only one photo in each of the last three sets I uploaded and titled. The remaining images were dumped into the photostream. Mea Culpa! I just moved some into sets and moved some sets into collections. It will take some time and effort to get everything arranged the way I want. I want the music photos to be in sets by band, venue and date, and then the sets into collections by band names. So far, I have collections for Mudslide Charlie and Zeppo.

Mudslide Charley released a CD and celebrated the event at the Union Club, last Saturday. It is now Thursday, and I haven't posted photos of that yet. Let me apply a remedy right now.
I own CDs by Robert Cray and Keb Mo, and I like them, too, but I prefer old style blues, and that is what Mudslide Charley plays, the blues of Robert Johnson and Son House.

On this night, Marco and Roger played a Son House tune as a duet, with just the guitar and drums.

Also, on this night, the combo gave the tightest, most consistently top-notch performance I've witnessed since coming to Missoula. Perhaps, they were inspired by having their own CD.

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