Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Friday night with friends

Being without my car has limited my late-night music coverage, not because I mind walking, in general, but because I mind walking that last unlit mile of Broadway, at 2am, while revelers from East Missoula weave their way home. Part of that stretch has no sidewalk, making it more difficult.

Finally, I could stand it no more and had to have my live and local music fix. Friday, I walked downtown during the day, walked home and returned downtown for an evening of music. The evening began at the Union Club, where Bob Wire jump started the night's festivities.

He began sounding like Johnny Cash and spent most of the evening sounding more the wise ass he is. And I mean that term as a compliment, because this cat is a Missoula original. His Mr Fixit song is climbing my list of favorites, due primarily to the charming lyric about when your butt needs kicking he kicks it. There are times I feel I need mine kicked, and, more often, of course, I see others who need theirs kicked.

The first brave soul to hit the dance floor
was soon joined by a couple more.
Bob kicked up his feet, which were hard to miss in those shoes, and a good time was had by all.

As luck would have it, another favorite was playing the same night at the Old Post. Andrea Harsell and her stalwart partner, Louis Bond, were plucking and strumming with their usual vigor. Andrea is a friend, who has received lots of attention on this blog. One of these days, I will dedicate an entire post to Louis, who spent a lot of time with Hoyt Axton, during Hoyt's last days.

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